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Privacy Statement                                                     
Creating Space is a Registered Charity (No: NIC100876) and Company (No: NI604519) which delivers projects, programs, training and activities for Children, Young People and the wider community.                                           
To allow and help us to do our work we sometimes have to ask for, keep, use and share some INFORMATION about the people we work with:  
 Children & Young People taking part in our projects, programs, training or activities.
 Adults providing consent for Children and Young People, or who are  themselves taking 
    part, in our projects, programs, training or activities.
 Creating Space staff and volunteers taking part in training or helping us in the work we do
 People, Organisations or businesses who help us deliver our projects, programs, training or 

This is information is called DATA.

It is very important that everyone’s DATA is kept safe, secure and only used the way it should be.

To help us do this, Creating Space is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (Ref. No. ZA116539)The Information Commissioners Office is the Organisation who makes sure we know how to protect your DATA and that we do it properly.

In Creating Space we also have Data Protection Policy and Data Protection Officer in place to guide and help our Organisation process and control (use and keep safe) the DATA you give us.

To make this easier and safer (for everyone) we also only ever ask for what DATA we really need, share it only when and with those we have to, keep for as short a time as we must, store it as safely and securely as we possibly can and make it as easy as possible for you - if you want to know about, change or remove YOUR DATA from our systems.

GDPR – What’s this?

On May 25th 2018 stricter laws and regulations are coming fully into action to make sure EVERYONE who collects or uses DATA does it better! This is called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

To help with this Creating Space has updated its Privacy Statement which we hope is easier for everyone, but especially Children and Young People to understand. Creating Space believes Children and Young People need extra careful protection and have the same rights as adults about how their DATA is collected and used.

We hope this Privacy Statement will give you the information you need and let you know:

 What DATA we ask for about you
 How we collect (or get) it
 Why we need it
 What we do with it
 Who we share it with
 How long do we keep it
 How we protect it (keep it safe)
 How YOU can control it (see it, change it, delete it)

For more information you can request a copy of our full Data Protection Policy by email to or private message to our dedicated Facebook Page – Yo & Creating Space or in writing to: The Data Protection Officer, Creating Space Ltd, 41a Clooney Terrace, Derry-Londonderry, BT47 6AP

What DATA do we ask for?

This will usually be:

 Your name
 Where you live (your address including your postcode)
 When you were born (your date of birth)
 How old you are
 A telephone number
 An email address
 If you are at school, in training or working (employment of education)

Sometimes we will also ask for information about your HEALTH and HOW WELL YOU KNOW HOW TO DO CERTAIN THINGS. (For example this could be questions about if you can swim or if you have any allergies or for staff and volunteers what training or qualifications you have)

Creating Space Staff and Volunteers and other individuals, organisations or business we work with may be asked to provide additional DATA including:

 National Insurance Number
 Bank Account Details

How do we get (or collect) DATA?

If you are under 18 and still living with a parent, carer or guardian:
 This information or DATA will be given to us by your parent, carer or guardian (for you) when they fill out, sign and return the forms we give them to get the consent and the information we need for all Children or Young People taking part in any of our projects, programs, training or activities. This includes a Registration Form, Health Declaration Form and Photo Imaging Consent Form. These forms also tell people how we will use the information or DATA they are giving us. Your parent, guardian or carer may want their own telephone number or email address to be used to contact you and their DATA will be collected in the same way as yours 


If you are over 16 and living independently (not living with a parent, carer or guardian)
 This information or DATA will be given to us by you when you complete and return your Registration, Health Declaration and Photo Imaging Consent Forms providing us with the consent and information we need for all Children or Young People, under 18 years old, taking part in any of our projects, programs, training or activities. These forms will also tell you how we will use the information or DATA you are providing us with.

 If you are an adult (over 18), organisation or business
This information or DATA will be given to us by you. To make sure we meet GPDR guidelines you will be asked to complete a consent declaration form providing us with the right permissions to retain and use this DATA, and informing you of the purposes which it will be used for.

We also sometimes collect DATA through:
Surveys or Evaluations
 Sometimes we ask Children and Young People who have, are, or might want to take part in our projects, programs, training or activities, volunteers and the wider community to answer questions on a survey or evaluation form. You may be asked questions such as your age or whether you are male or female (boy or girl) but no one will know it’s YOU giving the information, as you will not be asked your name or anything that can identify you personally. You remain anonymous. This is known as ANONYOMISED DATA.

Why do we need this DATA?

 The main reason we collect DATA about people is to “register or enrol” 
them so they can join or take part in our projects, programs, training or          activities.

 It allows us to get in touch with Children & Young People, our Staff and      Volunteers and other people, organisations and businesses who help us        in our work to let them know: what is happening on the project, program,        activity or training we are delivering or they are taking part in: or about          others ones we may need their help with or think might interested them

 It helps us to make sure we can keep everyone safe and well when they    are taking part in or helping us to deliver any of our projects, programs,          training or activities and that where possible we can adapt (change)              these, to meet any special needs.

 Sometimes we are helped in our work by other people, organisations or    businesses which need us to provide them with DATA for them to do be        able their work.

 To make sure all our staff, volunteers and the people who help us in our work, are suitable (safe) to work with Children & Young People and qualified to do what we need them to.

 To allow us to make payments to our staff, volunteers and other people,    organisations or businesses for their work or who we purchase (buy)              things from.

 Often many of the people who give us the money to deliver our projects,    programs, training or activities – these are known as “Funders” and they        ask us for DATA

 To meet our “Charitable Purpose” by being able to show who are taking      part in our projects, programs, training and activities and that we are              doing and helping the people we should and said we would

 To meet other legal and financial obligations (what our Organisation must  do) We often need DATA to allow us to get our annual accounts                      independently examined, make reports on our work and provide                    information to HMRC for payments we make to people and organisations.

What do we do with this DATA?

 Most of your data is simply stored so we can contact you about the          projects, programs, training or activities we deliver.

 Some DATA may be used to register you with organisations who deliver    training for us or which endorse (provide you with certificates for) for the        training you do.

 Use it to get Access NI checks done on our staff and volunteers to make    sure they are suitable to work with Children & Young People

 Make payments to our staff, volunteers and other people, organisations    and businesses.

 Use it to show the work we do and what Children and Young People and    Volunteers working with us have achieved. This is mostly done through          POSITIVE picture data (photograph, video) and only used with the right        permissions, restrictions or controls in place.

 Use ANONYMISED DATA from surveys, feedback and evaluation to help  us develop new projects, programs training and activities and to let us            see what works and what doesn’t.

 Use it to create ANONYOMISED DATA (where you are a statistic and        remain anonymous) as part of our Annual and Charity Commission                Reports

 Provide it in reports to “Funders”, HMRC or for Independent Examination  if we are legally or contractually required to do so.

Who do we share this DATA with?

Sometimes we have to share your DATA with what are known as “Third Party Organisations”. Especially where this is DATA relates Children and Young People we try to make sure we only share what they need when it is needed.
Only the REVEVANT DATA will be shares with any third party organisation and we will also ask for assurance they are following the GDPR rules.

 We may have to share your DATA with organisations who provide the        money for us to deliver projects, programs, training and activities. This is      for them to make sure we have used their money to do what we said we        would, and it has helped the right people.

 We also may have to share your DATA with organisations or individuals    who deliver training or activities on our behalf, so they can register you          on their courses, make sure you meet any of their restrictions or                    requirements, contact you about information you will need or get                    certificates that have been awarded to you.

 Schools, Colleges or other Community, Voluntary and Youth based          Organisations sometimes require us to share your DATA with them for          projects, programs, training or activities which involve them, make use of      their facilities or to which they provide money for or support.

 Picture Data is shared on our Website and Social Media Page, through      photographic displays on our promotional advertising banners and in the        local media: all of which are in the wider public domain. This is a                    necessary way for us to show we are doing the work we say we are, and      get support to continue our work.

 If you receive payments form us we may have to share your DATA with      our Funders, HMRC, the Charity Commission NI and/or the Company            which independently examines our Organisations annual accounts.

 ANONYOMISED DATA is shared where and when necessary to support    and help us in the work we do, and to help other organisations with                research and development of services for Children and Young People            and Volunteers.

How long do we keep your DATA?

We only keep your DATA as long as is necessary. This will usually be for 12 months after the project, program, training or activity you have been registered on is finished. Unless:

 You go on to take part in another project, program, activity or further        training with us.

 Our funders require us to retain your DATA on our records for longer.

 We need to do so to allow us to create ANONYOMISED DATA for Annual  Reports.

 We are required to do so for any legal or audit purpose.

 Photo DATA may be retained on our website or social media page              indefinitely if the correct permissions are in place.

How do we make sure your DATA is safe and secure?

Creating Space is committed to making sure your DATA is safe with us and with any THIRD PARTY we share it with. We use many ways to help us to make sure your DATA is kept safe and secure:

 All paper records containing personal DATA are stored securely in locked  filing systems which can only be accessed by authorised staff.

 Once allowed all paper records containing personal DATA are shredded    and then incinerated in the presence of the Data Protection Officer and          one other witness.

 All DATA relating to Bank Account details or National Insurance Numbers  is only stored electronically. NO PAPER RECORDS ARE RETAINED BY        THE ORGANISATION

 All DATA held in relation to Access NI checks is ONLY retained                  electronically and is also PSEUDONYMISED (the identity of the person is      replaced with a value or code)

 All personal DATA held electronically is password protected with                individual files and folders being further individually encrypted for added        security.

 Transferral or back up of files containing personal DATA using external      data storage devices is not encouraged, however where this is                      necessary, only a device providing password protection or an having              encrypting ability is used.

 When personal DATA which has been stored electronically is no longer      needed it will be archived encrypted or completely deleted and this                verified by the Data Protection Officer.

 Photo Data gathered through our projects, programs, training and              activities and contained within our Website and Social Media Page, used      in our advertising/ promotion displays or released through us to local              media will not directly link any image to the name/s of the individual/s            represented, unless specific permission has been given.

 The Privacy Settings on our Website and Social Media Page do not allow  for any unauthorized access or the sharing or “tagging” or any images            contained on them without the permission of the Data Protection Officer        or  site administrator.

You Have Control - How you can find out, change or what DATA we have for you
You have a number of rights to control what we do with the information YOU have given to us:

 You can ask us to tell you what information we have about you and get a    copy of it.

 Correct or update any of your information that we have.

 Ask us not to, or no longer share parts or any of your personal DATA with  Third Parties.

 Ask us to delete and no longer hold part of, or any information at all about  you.

You can do this by contacting us by email at by private message on our Facebook page Yo & Creating Space or in writing to: The Data Protection Officer, Creating Space Ltd, 41a Clooney Terrace, Derry-Londonderry, BT47 6AP

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