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In my time with YO! i have learned and experienced many things that most young people don't get the chance too. I was very privileged to be allowed to be a part of their programmes as I knew spaces were limited. We have done many courses and programmes from a Choices programe with the police to doing are first aid in the workplace qualification. From learning all these new things it opened many new doors for us , including many volunteering opportunities including in a local drop in and diner for the young of the local area. this gave us experience in the workplace and also learning new people skills in the process. I've also had a lot of opportunity to say what I wanted while i was participating and working with YO! they let you share your opinion and never just ignore your voice in choices that are being made. For me YO! gave me me some of the best experiences in my life that i would have never of got if it was not for them , i am so glad that i can work further with them as a peer leader during there summer programmes as YO! is my disfunctial family.

Kenan 17

“The level of service at Creating Space & YO! Project is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, we are consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”

Linda Watson - Caw Nelson Drive Action Group

Working with YO, they allowed me to take part in various programs which give me a insight into different backgrounds etc. one of them programs being choices program which involved a week out with the police. Also with YO I gained volunteer experience in different areas of work such as outdoor pursuits and even working in a diner. Yo also gained me a lot of qualifications such as silver medallion in lifesaving which can come in handy and also help me get work in swimming pools, child protection, first aid, food hygiene and loads more. Taking part in the programs allowed me to have more confidence and do other things I wouldn't of got the chance to have done elsewhere. Overall Yo gives young people from all different areas chances to do stuff and allows them to enhance their CV and many other things

Dillon 18

My mum asked one of the leaders if me and my friend could join the project as she was getting bullied at school and we dont like the youth club because some of the we girls that bully her at school go there. Rodney the leader took us to the group and got some of the older ones to look after us and help us with stuff. It was fun and we met lots of new people and the older ones that go to my friends school now look after her there to and she goes to them if anyone annoys her. We both love the yo project and all the leaders.

Morgan 14

Through YO! –Creating space I have had the privilege to take part over the summer period in taking young people on a number of out-door pursuit experiences. This included a number of activities such as kayaking, archery, raft building, camping and orienteering. This gave me the opportunity and time to develop new skills, both in working with people and in working on the


Over the winter months I got to take part in a number of different programmes that included: essential cooking, child protection awareness training, first aid at work and Bronze Medallion. We also got to plan a weekend residential away to the Ulster American Folk Park which taught me a lot of skills related to organisation and time management. 

I also got lots of volunteering experience including leading out-door activities (kayaking, archery, raft building, camping and orienteering), organising a group on trips, organising a residential and completion of my Gold Millennium Volunteers Award.

During my time with YO! -Creating space I got loads of qualifications including

First Aid at Work, Bronze Medallion, Safeguarding Children ,Millennium Volunteers (Gold)

and Level 2 Food Hygiene

Before working with YO! Creating Space I had very little volunteering experience and not a lot of people skills. YO! Creating Space provided a platform for me to develop these essential skills in working with people and young people in particular as well as planning, organisational and time management skills. It has really given me a passion to work with young people in the future as I have seen the impact that these programmes have on individual’s lives.

I also got to try and experience activities that I would not have had the opportunity to do so if it wasn’t through YO! Creating Space. This has been an incredible opportunity to try new things as well as develop a lot of new skills. It has been an incredible experience getting to work alongside YO! Creating space.


I really enjoy doing outdoor pursuits and the Yo Project and Creating Space have let me try out and have taut me loads of skills in loads of outdoor activities. They also got me training from other people to get qualifications in kayaking and archery and child protection. I then got to do volunteering with them and got a lot of experience which I could put on my CV and got my 200 hour millenium voluntary award as well.

Josh 17

Being involved in the 'YO! project' has personally helped me as a person but also has helped me educationally by providing me with qualifications such as 'fire and safety, food hygiene, child protection, leader ship skills and plenty more! I've also had the opportunity to get a lot of volunteering through the YO Project and creating space, achieving getting my 200 hours millennium volunteer this year. It has gave me skills to make myself a better person as I had to work with people I've never met before, this made me more confidant in myself by putting myself out there and to be able to make lovely friends and to some people that can be hard if your from different communities! All in all I think the YO! project has been an amazing experience and can't wait for more in the future!

Emma 16

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Creating Space & YO! Project was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

Geraldine @ BHCP

I first started with Yo! - creating space going to cross community programmes which really benefited me as I got to know people from different areas and religions and then I got the opportunity to volunteer helping with summer schemes and at the Diner, where I went on to get a 200 hour millennium volunteer award. They also helped me get my level 1 food safety which I can put on my CV and has helped me get a job now I am at Uni.

Erin 19

I cant swim or do sports but the people at Yo got me to go out on a canoe and a raft and the leaders showed me how i wood be ok and not get drowned and stayed with me so i could do it all. I am learning to swim now to but not with the Yo people but i did my first aid with them too.

Piper 15

We all got to help do up and design and choose things to put on the menu for our drop in and dinner center it was brilliant and a lot of fun with us all together. We did programs and went away to Belfast and all as well to meet with young people and groups up there and here and see what all they did. The yo project is way better than some of there projects and we can do and learn stuff and then train to help and be leaders as well.

Corey 16

Noone else would let me on there programs but the ones at Yo did, They dont let you off with stuff tho but they listen to your side if something happens and try to help you. Im glad they didnt listen to other ones and let me on there program because i got to do and learn loads of stuff and now im part of a group again.

Chris 16

The only thing i did with the police was attack them then i the yo people got me to do a program with them. i still dont really like the police but i dont attack them no more. I got to do loads of other stuff as well i espisially really like all the outdoor stuff and do it all summer now instead of just hanging round the shops like kayaking and camping and all.

Ethan 17 

I absolutely love all the things we get to do with the YO project, we learn things about other young people from other areas and do things with them but the best is when we do activities and residentials and get to go away. We get to chose things we like, if there is enough money to do it but we always get to do something that is fun. I want to stay on the YO project so im going to be a peer leader and help and still get to do the project.

Megan 16

I didnt get none of my gcses but i had done loads of stuff with Yo and got some certificates they got me on more programes after i finished school too and now i have a lot of certificates that i no will help me try and get a job better. They try and help you stay on the programes you do and really want you to pass and get your certificates.

Alan 19

The Yo project is different from other ones I have done as they teach you things and then get you to teach them to other young people. It was great when I first joined because it was a lot of young people not much older than me that were training us and that made it easier and a lot of fun. The older leaders were fun too and let us decide and do a lot of things for ourselves and organise and change things. I got loads of qualifications and got to help out doing activities at summer schemes and fun days for younger kids which gave me great experience as I want to work with children.

Melissa 21

They said i was goin to end up in jail if i didnt wise up so i got put on the yo project. I got to do kayaking and archery and camping and go karting and paintball and all that was tidy. you skill get to mess about but in a good way and they find out what you like to do. I stayed on the project after i had to and still got to do all the really mega stuff but did courses as well and im goin to college now and not jail so haha

....... 18

My teacher was surprised by all the things I was able to put on my personal statement because of all the programs and projects and training I had did with Yo and creating space. I am part of their youth team that helps look at things we can do and help to take younger ones on outings and residentials as part of our training. We get to meet with the council and go to stormont and all to tell the politicians what young people need and the leaders on Yo let us ask all we want to and sort it out for the people to meet us. I have got loads of qualifications and training and experience with Yo and the leaders and volunteers have supported me all the time and gave me new confidence by trying stuff I never thought I would do.

Dylan 19

The Yo project helps and listens to young people and just dosnt tell us what to do all the time. The leaders dont think we dont no anything because we are young but asks us to get new ideas for what we and the other young people can do. There isnt always all the money for what all we want to do but they explain that and how we have to work out a budget and see what we can do with the money we have. I enjoyed working that out but stuff was a lot more expensive than any of us thought it would be and we didnt always agree but we had to work it out or the younger ones wudnt have got to do anything. I learned loads but it was fun to just be doing things ourselves as well and not having to be in charge too.

Maurice 18

You learn lots of stuff with the yo project and get the chance to do plenty of courses and go on visits and get to talk to the police and council and all. But the leaders also no that we want fun things to do as well and that we learn all day in school or at tech and dont want to be doing the same writing and all at night or on a saturday and that we really like to get away from our community sometimes. I did the cooking and food safety courses and all with the yo project and got experience at the diner and now i am doing catering at college. It really helped to be able to tell them all the stuff I had done and experience I had at the interview for my course.

Shaun 17

We got to do of stuff with the yo project and meet other young ones from all over the town. Me and my friends like the things we do with the yo project the best at the summer because we can all do them together and we have nothing else to do except hang about and people in the community complain and get the police for us.

Abbie 17

I did lots of projects with YO through my community and they helped me get work experience and on my course at tech. I dont do Yo programs no more because of tech and work placements but the leaders still support all of us that have left the program and without them I wudnt have people who know me to give me a reference that is helping me to get a job.

Holly 19

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